Gonzalo Joaquin  Martinez

Convinced that hunting is not a sport, it is much more than that. IT IS A WAY OF LIVING LIFE TO THE FULL.

I live in Santiago del Estero, Argentina I started with the passion for hunting and fishing from a very young age in the province of Córdoba, Argentina  but it intensified after living for a year in the forests of Pennsylvania, United States, when I was 18 years old and forging a friendship and fellowship with my dear late friend Steve Willow who taught me to live this passion.

I have traveled and hunted throughout my country and known the most spectacular and wild places that nature can give us, choosing this province to be able to develop my profession as a gynecologist, university professor and my passion which is hunting because in this fantastic province you can develop this passion to its maximum expression.

I met Peio through medicine and through him to Alejandro, whom I admire for his dedication and knowledge of hunting.

Together we share this passion  that is not only a leading company in hunting activity but also a place where friends share the best of life.

Member of:

Peio Arrosagaray Etchepare

My passion for hunting began when I was 4 years old, guided by my father and having been born in a place in the Pyrenees.

2By profession Urologist, Head of the Urology Service of the Hospital de Mendaro, Bajo Deba, Guipúzcoa, Spain.

I was fond of hunting with a dog from a very young age, the woodcock for which I am fascinated. This fascination for hunting with a dog has led me to move around different parts of Spain, Europe and the world.In 1987 I got to know Argentina where I observed the hunting potential that this beautiful country has, so I decided with some Argentine hunters, my acquaintances, to start a adventure of collecting European hunting groups, year 1995

I chose Santiago del Estero, a wild and virgin hunting province  with all the small game species within our reach,  pigeon, turtledove, duck and partridge.

Since then I began to enjoy the Argentine hunting paradise. In 2011 I met Alex Bottino, hunting and fishing guide and after two years of relationship and always in the province of Santiago del Estero we created the company URSOA SRL, twinned with TORCAZA Spain, also created recently and I started a new adventure, such as Manager of both companies, with the renewed enthusiasm that provides a new idea to which time comes.

So we have come to 2021 with many consolidated and loyal customers and with the same enthusiasm with which we started our adventure and with the firm spirit of moving forward despite the odds. The company consolidated, with its well-managed process, the recognition of many European hunters who return year after year. Likewise, I have continued hunting year after year in Pinto – Real Sayana within the province of Santiago el Estero. I will continue with the same illusion and as we say in Spain: until the body endures.

Alejandro Bottino

More than 25 years ago he carried out hunting with the commitment to always take care of the fauna, nature and almost virgin territories that we have developed to date.

Since 2011 until today, my role is the organization, logistics and preparation of the hunt, the territories and everything that depends on this activity, in my beginnings I carried out the activity in the provinces of Santa Fe, Chaco, Corrientes and Formosa (Argentina).

In the years 2009/2010 and 2011 I was working in Spain in the Castilla la Mancha, Cuenca, Villarobledo, Albacete and Osa de Montiel areas with the Company Caza Mancha, serving as organizer, Hunting Guide and Game Keeper in different farms.

From 2011 onwards we settled in Santiago del Estero with Torcaza Argentina, Torcaza Spain and Ursoa in order to carry out our Cinegético project with some friends, Spanish and Argentine partners.



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