“You stay here, in the shore, sunbathing and I will be back with my sisters so you can choose who you like most”, says the popular tale of the argentine Mesopotamia that explains why the yacaré always appears laying on the shore of the rivers. The tale narrates how a monkey, promising and false girlfriend to the reptile, makes this one take him on its back through the water to get him to safety from a dangerous yaguareté. 


esting for long hours under the sun, the black yacaré is a caiman endemic of South America and in Argentina it is found mainly in Formosa, Corrientes, Misiones and some areas of Santa Fe, Chaco and even Salta.

The males can surpass the 2,6 meters when reaching adulthood, the females come close to the 2 meters, this reptile has a body covered by thick black scales and an adaptation that makes it a true lethal weapon in the water.

Its ears, eyes and nostrils are located in the same line on the upper part of the head.

This allows it to maintain only this part of the head above water while the rest of its body remains under water. This way it can pay attention to its surroundings and be undetected as a log floating on the water.

Accustomed to hunting at night, the black yacaré bases it’s feeding on fish, being the main predator of the palometa, turtles, snakes, rodents, snails and even little deer.

Regarding his reproduction, the mating season is in the months of summer while the births take place since April. The female species are capable of laying up to 40 white eggs.

The fore mentioned find themselves in serious difficulties until they hatch due to the fact that they are used as food by coatíes, skunks, constrictor snakes or tegu lizards. Even though the actual population is stable, the reality is that the destruction of its ecosystem adding the constant illegal hunting, above all for its skin, raises the question regarding its survival in the next two decades.

In Argentina, mainly in the provinces such as Corrientes, different controlled breeding programs are being launched with environmental and economical exploitation means.

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