os Glaciares National park main attraction, Perito Moreno is a mass of ice that is located in the Magallanes península, in the province of Santa Cruz and a less than 80 km from El Calafate. It is considered to be the eighth wonder of the World.

It’s peculiarity is found in the movement the body presents, that approximately every  five years it accumulates width and grows until it reaches a 5 km front, and 60 meters high, that  flows into the Tempanos del Lago Argentino canal.

When this takes place, and due to the effect water canals that pierce it, the glacier suffers a breaking of the ice on its most extended surface in what represents a natural phenomenon which attracts thousands of tourists from all around the world every year.

Along with the national park’s glaciers fore mentioned,   the Perito Moreno, which owes its name to Francisco Pascasio Moreno, the Argentinian scientist who ventured the most in the Patagonia, is part one of the most important clean water reserves in the World. 

Its colossal advance managed to cross the Témpanos Canal in the year 1947, when it leaned on solid ground, on the tip of the Magallanes peninsula , taking down a forest of lenga.

Since 1981, the Perito Moreno, associated with the glaciers of the Santa Cruz Park, is also considered Natural heritage of the humanity by the UNESCO.

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