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and bathed by rivers, impregnated with life through courses seeking the sea. Vital water, shaping an Argentine region that exudes nature. Always fierce and noisy in the Iguazú Falls, but also gentle and bright in the Iberá Wetlands. Drawing spirals in the Uruguay River or scribbling islands in the Paraná Delta.

Thanks to water the Argentine Littoral is a gigantic pacara earpod tree that in Misiones emerges from the roof of the rainforest and aims to knock on the gates of heaven. Or a friendly mate, ancestral infusion and valuable gift from the red soil.

In Formosa, the Littoral is an alligator drying in the sun on the banks of the Pilcomayo River, closely followed by a coati and a black howler monkey. Or a dorado and a pacú running a race in the Bermejo River. It is also a good sapucay from Corrientes, which in Mburucuyá National Park invites you to share and dance to the beat of the cheerful chamamé of biodiversity.

In Chaco it takes the shape of a heroic red quebracho that wants to remain a refuge for some endangered animals such as the jaguar or the anteater. Well tied to the ground thanks to its deep roots, and being encouraged by hundreds of birds, it tries not to give in to the clearing. The red quebracho repeats it was not born to be a wooden slat.

As if that were not enough, in the province of Entre Ríos it becomes postcards. In some of them there are yatay palm groves on a background with an orange sunset sky. In Santa Fe a crossed pit viper and a neotropical river otter are in tune and combed for the picture.

The Littoral exudes nature by each of the pores of its skin. 

There, green dreams of a Santa Cruz water lily are mixed with the cries of a southern screamer and the passage of a canoe downriver. For better or worse this interaction has been so since ancient times. Over 1500 years ago, a canoeist village of the so-called Goya- Malabrigo aboriginal culture ceased being a gully to become a river. On board a canoe made of pacara earpod tree, often going against the current.

The Guarani despite the passage of time still pass through the Paraná River in the hope of finding the Earth without evil. A place where crops are grown on their own, food is abundant and there are no illnesses or deaths. According to their popular wisdom everything there is harmony and happiness.

“Man is molded earth whose blood is copper, manganese and silicon. It contains all the elements of nature. It is a piece of land with feet and eyes wandering through the landscape,” summarized Ramón Ayala, great songwriter from the Littoral. According to a Guarani legend, the beautiful Morotí and the brave Pitá were transmuted into inseparable white and red petals of a water lily flower.

In the chemistry of life the Argentine Littoral has achieved one of the highest expressions. Incredible diversity of flora and fauna in an ever-dynamic environment, always attentive to what the water transmits. But beware, it is not just that. Each beat of the Littoral is also legend, song, or nature made flesh, according to Ayala. And all because of some rivers seeking the sea.

Author: Fernando Fuentes


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