Noroeste Argentino


and patiently modeled for centuries. Handmade clay matured in the singing of a cicada, in the fast pace of a guanaco, or in a cactus that despite chronic drought gives you a flower.

Painted especially for you with seven colors in Jujuy, sometimes decorated with a jaguar or black-and-chestnut eagle. Made Puna and Yungas rainforest, or a friendly valley between two impassable mountains. Empty pot in Salinas Grandes, or full of flamingos in Laguna de los Pozuelos (lagoon). Around 30 000 specimens arrive every year between the months of March and April. They attest that when you like this land, you do it with all your heart.

Clay shaped like a llama (South American camelid) in the province of Salta. Ocarina that gives you sweet notes also enjoyed by the creole walnuts in Los Toldos, or the tapirs at El Rey National Park. Sound that despite the ferocious clearing, it still beats in Pizarro and all over the Salta forest. And if by any chance that melody is zamba, all Salta celebrates. Everyone becomes rags after stomping so much.

Mother Earth made song or alder forest on a hill of Tucumán. 

There, not to be outdone, a neotropical river otter claims that if it wins your heart, then that zamba is from Tucumán. Meanwhile, each year the Pachamama visits Amaicha del Valle. You give it an oblation and in exchange you ask for protection. Or fertile plasticene, ancestral combination of oxides and silicates, raw material of a stunning Calchaquí landscape or of some now fragile mountain rainforests. If the waist is a reed and the eyes very dark, if red is the mouth, that girl is from Tucumán.

Ceremonial clay bowl in Santiago del Estero, or potion for the spell of this land. An ecstatic giant breaks an ax and, standing, sings a chacarera in Pampa de los Guanacos. Accompanied by an anteater and a giant armadillo, always with a guitar and a bombo legüero (bass drum). There is no use, you will always bring a new illusion from there.

Ceramic painted with a thousand different shades of ocher in Catamarca. Little furnaces over six thousand meters in the high mountains, imposing volcanoes that once helped to shape the land. Misty grasslands, carob forests and a creamy-bellied thrush rehearsing its singing.

Basil scented ground every February in La Rioja. Made vidala, also flour and topamiento. Two geckos in the nap of Talampaya don´t miss the opportunity to celebrate. A condor sees them from a red wall, and like so many chayeros, dreams of a moon turned into a drum. Chaya from La Rioja, verses recited by the hill, the valley and the cardonal (cactus). Some vidaleros (folk singers) say that on Riojan ground, life on a coach goes by.

Argentine Northwest, evolutionary ground and full of biological diversity. Vital mud from which the landscape, fauna and flora are nurtured. It models tenacious customs, comforts grief and unleashes joy.

Author: Fernando Fuentes 


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